Video Trinkets

Privacy Policy

Gathering of Personal Information

To provide you with the best service possible or to complete a transaction, Video Trinkets gathers your information to both verify your identity (to prevent fraud) and to facilitate your request. By providing your information in association with your request you are giving us your expressed consent in using that information to provide you the service or transaction you requested. Information collected in this manner is used solely for processing your request. We may collect and summarize this information in such a manner where no individual may be identified for statistical purposes to help us improve our business practices and provide better service to you.

Gathering of Non-Personal Information

As most other websites our website may collect information about you that cannot be used to identify you directly. This information is gathered to help us improve our website and our business practices. Most of this information is used in statistical models for our information to improve the website and continue to give you the best value in the products offered to you. 

Video Trinkets partnered with Pic-Time Inc. to deliver a seamless online retail user experience. For additional details regarding the privacy policy, click here for more details. GoDaddy is our chosen website host provider. With nearly 20 years in the industry, GoDaddy has the experience, the technology and hosting experts to provide a secure and reliable service for Video Trinkets.